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Hello guys,

I'm sorry but I am leaving DA.
Life happened.
I am so stressed, that I don't have any inspiration, nor the motivation to map or pixel anything.
So this is goodbye for now.

My artworks will still be available to you and please respect the credits.

Hey guys..

I'm going on hiatus because I haven't been feeling so well in the last weeks and I don't have much inspiration lately. I don't know how long it will be but maybe I'll upload a map or two in this time.

See you later
Hey guys!

I have started to work on my 'map a whole world' project again and i will try to update it every weekend until it's finished. ;D

Well yeah, have a nice week and enjoy the E3!
Hey everyone! I received some questions and I noticed a pattern so I'm doing this F.A.Q. for you. :)

Can I use this (tileset or other)?
It depends. Usually yes, if you're not selling your project. Just credit me. When in doubt, send me a note. :)
If you're not allowed to use something, then it will be said in the description.

Can you make something for me?
Send me a note and we can discuss things.

Will you work on a project with me?
Send me a note and we can discuss things.

If you still have questions, send me a note. ;)
Hey guys!
I finally finished moving my stuff. So now I can start working on pixelart again.

A belated thank you for the 10.000 views and 100 watcher!
Here are your gifts:

A little tileset made by me:
Tileset 10000 Views by ChaoticCherryCake

A map made with this tileset (and the big public one):
Map 10000 Views by ChaoticCherryCake

More icons:
Free Icons Hats 2 by ChaoticCherryCake

And a surprise! :D
I have decided to do commissions for you. Currently I'm working on the details. I will give you more infos on how to comission me, soon.

Have a great day!

As the title says I'm moving. Because of that I won't have internet and can't upload a thing. The gifts for the 10.000 views will be uploaded later.

Until then
Hey guys!

I have 99 watchers and 9.597 pageviews now. When I reach 100 watchers and 10.000 pageviews I will give you a free tileset made by myself, a new map made with the tileset, some more free icons and a surprise.

Have a great day!
Happy Halloween everyone!
Since I never really made a Halloween styled map, I decided to change that. And here it is: Pumpkin Village!
Pumpkin Village by ChaoticCherryCake
I blurred it because the tiles were all made by me from scratch and they're private.

Thank you for your many favourites. I'm quite busy at the moment so I'm sorry if I can't answer everyone.

Have a great day!
Hey :D

Just wanted to say, that my inspiration is back.
So I uploaded some maps and changed my icon ;)

'Til later!
I have 2 things to say:

1. I'm out of ammo.

I have no inspiration these days and I'm sorry for not uploading anything. Feel free to post a comment for ideas for some maps. I will gladly accept them.

2. On fan games

I sometimes get asked if I would like to make maps/tiles for pokemon fan games/clones.
I sure would like to, but in this case I'd have to decline because the German "Urheberrecht" is strongly in favour of the original content creator. Especially if usage rights might be the slightest bit unclear.

Read: In this case, the original IP owner always wins and I would like to not get sued from multinational corporations.

Otherwise, I would like to work with you on your games. :)

Fun fact: The "Urheberrecht" says that you can't give away your IP, it is inseparably linked to your person and can not be transferred to corporations. But you can license usage rights (and you will be forced to give your employer exclusive licenses if you work in the creative industry).

[Edit: Clarified concerns and cleaned up some bad language choices.]
My finals and graduation are over. Now I'm searching for a job and I have free time until I find one. So I'll upload some new maps and maybe some new tiles for a while.

Have a great day!
Hey guys,

I won't be having much time in the next few months so don't be sad if I don't upload anything. My finals are very important to me so I will be studying instead of map/tile making.

Have a nice day!

Insert title here!

Wed Feb 12, 2014, 1:02 AM
Just testing this nice feature here.

Do you have any wishes for the free tileset?
I'm working on more biomes and in the next days I will upload some special biome maps.
Also I'm thinking about adding indoor tiles. Hm we will see about that.

Have a nice day!

So here are a few Maps, there will be many more in the next time. I will upload an overview every 6 maps. I hope you like them.
As for the fakemon... the concepts for the first ones are nearly finished. So just wait a little bit for them. =)
I used many Tiles for my Maps and so that I don't have do copy&paste every time I uploaded a map, I will list all people here. Thank you for your public tiles.
I made some myself and I edited some of them, so I will list my name here too.

:iconkyle-dove: Kyle-Dove
:iconsailorvicious: Heavy-Metal-Lover
:iconwesleyfg: WesleyFG
:iconiametrine: Dewitty
:iconzetavares852: Zetavares852
:iconxdinky: XDinky
:iconnewtiteuf: Newtiteuf
:iconalucus: Alucus    
:iconerma96: Erma96    
:iconhydrargirium: Hydrargirium    
:iconpoison-master: Poison-Master    
:iconthedeadheroalistair: Thedeadheroalistair    
:iconshutwig: Shutwig    
:iconasdsimone: Asdsimone    
:iconkaess-desu: Xxdevil    
:iconsteinnaples: Steinnaples    
:iconhek-el-grande: Hek-el-grande    
:iconsylver1984: sylver1984    
:iconniknaks93: NikNak93
:iconteaaddiction: TeaAddiction
:iconcuddlesthefatcat: Cuddlesthefatcat
:iconmagiscarf: Magiscarf
:icongigatom: Gigatom
:iconthe-red-ex: The-Red-eX
:iconchaoticcherrycake: ChaoticCherryCake
Hello Everyone!

I have started a little project with a friend of mine, so there will be many little things like maps and fakemon uploaded in future. I hope you like these litte things and will support us with our project.

Greetings Yani